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The Green Room

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On Camera Acting that BOOKS

About Us

Our teachers are a collective of industry casting professionals as well professional actors (many of whom have also spent years as casting professionals). We know what books - because we've collectively earned millions of dollars from our acting bookings, ran hundreds of thousands of individual on camera auditions for major films, TV shows and commercials, and taught loads of students how to modify their performance approach to make their work more effective on camera.

Why You Should Join Us

Be inspired to explore the art of On Screen performance. Be exposed to new ways of looking at your job as an actor. Completely change the way you work as an artist. Find inspiration from each other to keep moving forward!

A Big Thanks

Thank you for being a part of the community! Inspiration is huge in any art form, and we need each other to keep sharing the human experience. After all - acting is a gift for community! So whether you join a class, or just the interactive community, you are helping to move us all forward in our explorations!